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Connect, discuss, and engage with awesome people in the newest private, vetted, forum of like-minded, truth-focused, individuals who support the March for America mission.

MFA Survival Group

Today, it seems the world is constantly teetering on the edge of peril. Unfortunately, the doomsday scenarios being discussed are not pure fiction. From a potential pole shift to the potential for WWIII, learn what it takes to survive coming world events in the MFA Survival Group.

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MFA News

True, vetted, NON-FAKE NEWS you can trust from a news source that is non-partisan, non-biased, and non-censored. Even better? MFA News is self-funded so what we report is not subject to third-party persuasion or interest. Get the REAL NEWS from MFA NEWS.


Imagine… a You-Tube or Vimeo-like platform but filled with news channels that have only verified, vetted, news and information. No more guessing whether or not you can trust what you’re hearing and seeing. That’s… MFATV.



What will you do when TSHTF? Where will go? MFA Atlas Cities are full, self-contained, survival communities that provide a safe haven for owners if – and when – you need a secure place to go in the case of natural or national emergency.

MFA Members Forum - March For America Private Forum Small Star
MFA Members Forum - March For America Private Forum Small Star


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