Scott Jaymes Binsack - Scott J. Binsack

Scott Jaymes Binsack is an uber-successful serial entrepreneur, turned investigative journalist and leader of patriots. An abuse survivor who endured a childhood filled with trials and tribulations, Scott J. Binsack has turned tragedy into triumph. Today, he strives to use the lessons he’s learned throughout his tumultuous early years to help motivate and direct others seeking to enjoy a life that is free and full of passion and success.

In 2016, Scott founded March for America, LLC, with the mission to inspire patriots and truth-seekers via information and knowledge regarding issues that challenge their sovereignty, security and decency. March for America, or MFA for short, began with a single public march, and in a little over one year, has burgeoned into eleven different entities under four corporate organizations, all aiming to fill their own unique niche in the MFA mission. We invite you to explore these entities HERE.

Binsack currently serves as the CEO of March for America, LLC and as such, is the point man for all MFA entities. Additionally, he is the lead investigative journalist for the MFA family and brands as well. Several times a week, Scott speaks via live or recorded to video to the organization’s various constituencies, from the MFA SGS (Silver, Gold, and Sapphire) members to the MFA Survival Group, MFA Board of Directors, his Inner Circle (the MFA investigative team) and the public at large. Scott welcomes you to March for America, LLC and looks forward to serving you as part of the MFA family.


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